About us

The real origin of Kamarotí goes back to our mother. She came to Sifnos in the 80`s, fell in love with this island and has been coming here ever since. She introduced us to the island in a family trip in the late 90’s and from the first time we set foot in Sifnos we knew this place would mean a lot in our lives.

Our personal stories, before committing to this project, we very different. Anulfo, the older brother is a balloon pilot, David an architect and Víctor a chemical engineer. Víctor and David are in the everyday managing of the hotel while Anulfo is still flying the world’s skies.

We opened the hotel in July 2011 and from its beginning it was meant to be a place where visitors could experience the energy of Sifnos and a startpoint to explore the island. We deeply felt that our main goal was always to transmit the same passion that we felt when we first arrived.

Ever since we opened we have been trying to make improvements and give the hotel a new touch year by year so that the visitors would feel Kamarotí as a living structure that is open to new ideas, art concepts and other forms of expression that have in any or other way with the Meditearranean culture.

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